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Who we are

The « Compagnie des paroles ».

Compagnie des paroles

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« La compagnie des paroles » exists since 2001. It carries the words but above all the dreams of its members.
Its artists, storytellers, actors, musicians, clowns and poets gather around stories, old and young, traditional or invented, sung or whispered.
Marie Bylyna, Véronique de Miomandre, Christian Pierron, Colienne Vancraenenbroeck and Véronique van Cutsem are the most active members of the association. Their artistic influence is diversified because they are spread out between Brussels, Nassogne and Libin…
The social dimension of speech is important to us and is part of the creative act.
The company is keen to give a voice to those who do not have one and to those who are no longer listened to.
The show « Clued’home », resulting from the collection of stories in retirement homes, gave a voice to our elders, to those we forget perhaps because the prospect of death frightens us.
« Under the neon lights of desire » was the result of a collection from the prostitutes of Brussels North, and shows a hidden and taboo reality.
« Paroles de Silex » collected the words of archaeologists and the archaeological traces left by our ancestors, to make their voices heard.

The company modestly tries through these shows to open windows

The company is organising a new travelling festival in the countryside, « Brin d’causette », which opens up storytelling to an audience of villagers in charming little places…
The aim of this festival is to create links in the countryside by having local storytellers tour small venues on Thursday evenings

« It is our gaze that often locks others into the narrowest of belongings and it is our gaze that can also liberate them » Amin Maalouf

We organise events around storytelling to develop its visibility and audience…