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Red lights of desire

A colourful dive into an underground world.

Sous les néons du désir

Available in French SOUS LES NÉONS DU DÉSIR

A colourful dive into an underground world.

Based on the testimonies of prostitutes, collected in the red light areas of Brussels… an investigation into the world of prostitutes.
One of them has disappeared… without a trace.

Let’s lift the veil on « the oldest job in the world »,
on the « belles de jour », the courtesans, the girls of joy…
Under the Red lights of Desire, through Véronique’s mouth, hear the stories of those we don’t hear much about,
those who have a very open language,
those who are approached by men and vilified by women,
those who do what some refuse to call a job,
those who have two names but only one body,
those who offer their charms in spite of everything… 

Véronique awaits you in a boudoir, on a stool, without stilettos, for a moment of intimacy.